The soap that made a difference in my skin! I very rarely order products from adds or online, I'm a dude, dont like change and lets face it there is 7 million soaps...

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Using shaving cream in the shower has always been a bit of a problem, along with the rust on the bottom of the can, shaving cream itself doesn’t exactly have safe natural ingredients

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SHAVING CREAM ALTERNATIVES? yup I stepped my game up to...

USA Soap bar

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I very rarely order products from adds or online, I’m a dude, dont like change and lets face it…

As I searched I figured out a couple things, NO harsh chemicals, all natural, and non scented. should be pretty easy. LMAO. We have to many…

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Is there room to start another online business?

My Wife and I started a Soap company with branding mostly with USA. As our soap is made in the USA. We are freedom loving conservatives who believe in hard work pays off and when it doesn’t, work harder...

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Can this soap really do it all?

Can a simple bar soap be used as a full body wash? YES, yes indeed, when it's all natural and made with the amish cold process. I even wash my hair with my usa bar soap. I always feel refreshed and my…

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Better than the competition on the bar soap battlefield

With competition being so fierce in the USA soap bar market, how do I stand alone. Or am I doing it wrong and start saying stand next to dove bar soap, Dr. Squatch, and the multitudes of others. Getting through the overwhelming feeling that you need more than a tag of made in the USA. Everyday offers new challenges and work arounds are needed to adapt. I believe there is room in any market as long as you offer a great product, great customer service and a thorough understanding of what your customers needs and wants are.

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Amish soap competition is FIERCE

The usa soap market is growing quickly with lots of marketing dollars being thrown at natural ingredients made,soap manufactured in the usa

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Using a Soap Saver Bag

I never used soap bags before, us oletimers use to call them wash towels. With that being said I have to say the whole process with a soap saver bag made the washing experience a bit better, first the convenient part, it hangs on a hook with the soap in the bag. Second, it lathers quicker because the bag is made of fibers of the siscal plant. Third is saves your mini soap bit from falling and disappearing into soap abyss, never to be seen again.

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