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Here you will read stories and reviews showing our USA Soap Bar, all in one soap is the right choice for your whole family! Soap body bar, face washing soap, dog shampoo and shaving cream alternative!

We are Jimmy, Natalie, Olivia & Chase

In April 2022, Jimmy and I made a decision to build an e-commerce business. Our initial goal was to start a dropshipping business, selling pet supplies. Those dreams were quickly changed. As we did our research, we learned that many products were made in China and lacking quality, in addition shipping was far from efficient. We started our quest for a product made in America. We were fortunately able to source vintage items for our Ebay store, such as toys, matchbox cars, salt and pepper shakers, radios, etc. This gave us our start in E-commerce. Our search for a made in America item continued...

Finally it happened, Jimmy found an all natural soap, made in America! We thought about all the harsh chemicals in our products today and that we all need to keep our families clean, free from harsh, damaging chemicals, while keeping a budget in mind. This soap is able to do just that! Our journey has only just begun. We will continue to search for other products made in America to list on our website. Thank you for your interest in us and our products.